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The WIccan Warrior Raziel D'Aros Lupin
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Greetings and Salutations fellow traveler. You know that sign in stories of old that said "Here be Dragons"? Well my sign goes something like this, "Here be a Wolf" This is my page dedicated to the Gods of Old and my life, experiances and teachings of a Wiccan Warrior. Go forth and know me better!


Raziel D'Aros Lupin

Eventual Disclaimer:
ALL information containe herein is of the owners own personal opinions, experiances, research, discoveries and revelations.
None of it should be held as factual information as it all comes from me, a non accredited or recognized scholor or teacher. I offer my knowledge free and open to anyone who wishes to expand thier own learnings or get a good idea on where to go. Inside you will not find any "hidden lore" or "arcane knowledge" though I admit there will be a twist or two of your basic thought patterns but I must stress that these are my words and my words alone. So please don't be a dumhass and start quoting me like I'm important. I'm just someone who shares information. Now that this is out of the way, please enjoy your stay.


News, books, related info....and other stuff.

Sight under heaver constuction as this is a One a.m. venture.
More to come as soon as I write it and go digging through my archives. Later!

I don't mind getting e-mail. So feel free to send it to me with questions, corrections, add ons, death threats, anything as long as it's thoughtfull and not stupid. I WILLb have a wall of shame for those special e-mails. And I will make fun of you punctuation, spelling and grammer.