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The WIccan Warrior Raziel D'Aros Lupin
The Man In Black


The Man In Black | Who am I | What I Believe

Why I'm a Man in Black

Now when you think Man in Black either you think of the MiB movies or soem govenment consipiracy. Well that is not the case with me. I refer to Johnny Cash and to why he called himself a Man in Black, he had his reasons and I have mine as well. They are below:

A Man in Black
By Razi D.

Many always ask why I wear black
Why I walk as if I carry a heavy sack
Of ow can I be happy when I wear a darker tone
But my reasons are far from unknown

I wear the black for love that has never been
Or the heart that has been broken again and again
For those who never known the happiness in life
And ended it all with the coldness of a knife

I wear it or those who cry and no one cares to hear
For everone who's alone and shed to many a tear
Until this sadness in the world get's up and goes
Till that time you'll only see me wear darker cloathes

I wear the black for the depressed and old
Who's family has left them long ago in the cold
I wear this black for all those who have died
For being a different color when we're suppossed to be on the same side

Men tell me that things are getting better in everyway
So why do I hear about another life taken everyday?
We need to be reminded of those who never come back
So every generation should have a man in black

I would love to know the sun shines on everyones soul
That things will be better one day or so I'm told
But until the time comes when all our souls are in the light
You won't ever see wear cloathes of white

I wish I could shed the light on every darkened heart
To show that there is no reason that we are counted apart
Until we realize this I'll carry the darkness on my back
I hope the day comes when I will lay down my heavy sack
But until that day I'll be a Man in Black

I have always worn black before and now I wear it for a purpose. I'll add more on here later about this. Later Days.

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