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The WIccan Warrior Raziel D'Aros Lupin
Who am I


The Man In Black | Who am I | What I Believe

Some factual information for those who must know

Who is this supposed "Man in Black"?

Right then. Me. Well.....where to begin?
Ahhh...concerning me. I'm 24 years old, I live with a wonderful woman whom I love, I am quite versatile, close to me family, quite strange at times, always try to put a smile on any of me friends faces, musical, lyriacal, satiracal, comical, and above all else just me.

I come from both German and Scotish decent. The German apparent in my blond hair, blue eye's and broad shoulders, the Scotish in my accent and red beard ;) though I consider myself Celtic and damn proud of it.

I'm a solitary wiccan by nature and follow the warrior path and make my own way in the world. I have seen much in both light and dark and have been many things in life and have finally found myself and my place in this crazy world.
Having been a wiccan now for 8 years and natural born psychic I know who I am and need not here dogma anymore.

I do teach as I am a natural born teacher but I will not teach anyone who wishes to learn som "arcane secret" or "ancient knowledge" for you will find none with me. Only what I know and keep learning everyday. If you persist in learning for only those type reasons you loose the chance of ever growing within the pagan religion.

"Enigma will take you where dogma cannot"

Crap I like

Authors: Terry Pratchet, Mary Higgins Clark, Tolkien, Gherbrod Flemming, Silver Ravenwolf (her witch stories) Cunningham, and Konstantinos.

Comic Artist: Fred Ghallager(megatokyo), Greg Dean(real life, Hawk and Ananth (applegeeks), Ian McConville and Matt Boyd(Mac Hall), snf Erin(venusenvy).

Music Artist: Nightwish, Korn, Enya, Enigma, Scythe, Dashboard Confessional, Classical, 80's, 60's, Goth, Death Metal, Ska, Reggae, Rock, Vintage, Indie, Comical and a shit load more.